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If you wish to be a good batsman, you must always be on the lookout for ways that can help you improve your game. Constantly improving and trying to get better is what will help you stay ahead of the game. Be it cricket or any other sport, constantly upgrading oneself is the way to go about it. So, if you are looking for some great batting tips then you are at the right place.

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Along with a good cricket bat, some basic knowledge, and lots and lots of practice, these batting skills in cricket are sure to help you out. Now, without any more delay, let us get into these tips right away.

21 Top Cricket batting tips to improve your style.
A young boy plays cricket as the sun sets in Bhopal, India

21 Top Cricket Batting Tips

1. Watch the Ball

If you wish to be a great batsman then this is the first thing that you need to pay attention to. You need to watch the ball carefully as the bowler holds it while approaching the crease before its delivery. Observing the ball when it is in motion will help you predict where the ball might land and how you can play it.

2. Prediction and Decision

Predicting the delivery and making a decision based on it is what you will need to learn if you wish to ace at batting. Of course, you can only be a master at this after lots and lots of practice. When you know what kind of ball is about to come your way, it is sure to give you clarity on how it needs to be played.

3. Grip 

If you are looking for the best batting tips for cricket then this is one point that you need to remember. You need to hold the bat in such a way that there is enough space for your wrist for easy movement. 

4. Footwork

The next on our list of the top cricket batting tips is footwork. To be able to strike the ball effectively, the position of your feet is important. Your feet should move in line with the ball. This will help you execute a shot better.

5. Caution

In case the ball is aimed at the wicket, it will be fast and low. If you miss it, you will get out. In such a scenario, you need to hit a straight drive or dig it out. This shot is only to prevent you from getting out. This is one of the most important batting skills in cricket that you need to remember. 

6. Stay Calm

This is perhaps the most important tip that we can give you on improving your batting skills. While all the other skills are very important, staying calm is ultimately what will help you to achieve it. Hence, you need to stay calm no matter how your surroundings might be.

7. Practice in Front of a Mirror

We all know that practicing is the secret behind perfecting anything. Hence, the more practice you can get, the better. Practicing in front of your mirror can help you determine how you can improve yourself, and where you are going wrong, and will also give you a boost of confidence.

8. Trigger Movement

You need to find a trigger movement that suits you the best as it will help you improve your batting skills. While a trigger movement is different for every batsman, you need to find one that suits your style the best. This will help you improve your game in the longer run.

9. Improve Backlift

When we talk about the top cricket batting tips, talking about backlift is important. It is lifting the bat before you hit the ball. You need to improve your backlift as that is what will give power to your strokes. Improving your backlift will help you improve your game in the longer run. Hence, get your position right and start working on it.

10. Moving your Head the Right way

How your head is positioned is a very important part of batting. When we talk about batting skills in cricket, talking about the head position is most important. When you are in a stance, you need to keep your head still. And when you are playing a stroke, your head should move in sync with the ball. Moving your head in the right way at the right time is the key here.

11. Running Between Wickets

The next on our list of the top cricket batting tips is all about running between wickets. One point that you need to remember here is that you need to run the first one hard. What is also important here is that you should communicate with your partner well so that you can score good runs in coordination. You also need to be extremely aware when you are running between wickets to know what is going on on the field. 

12. Power Hitting

For this, you must keep your head still and on the level of your eyes. Try to hit straight and utilize the full face of the bat. The most important point and the key to remember here is to keep your head still.

13. Scoring Runs from Good Balls

The way to do this is to try and hit through one of the three gaps after the bowler has bowled the ball. But first, you need to get right back on the crease. This will give you some extra time to see the ball and then hit the ball just right.

14. Comfortable Stance Position

Being in a comfortable stance position is one of the best top cricket batting tips that we can give you. This is the position that you wait in while your bowler is throwing the ball. Being comfortable at this stage will ensure that you are well-prepared to play the ball. This will also ensure that you do not put too much stress on certain parts of your body. So, find your comfortable position so that you can give your best shot.

15. Take a Guard

When you walk out when it is your time to bat, you ‘take a guard’. This is what professional cricket players often do when they go out to the middle to bat. The process involves lining up your bat with the wickets. Then, you ask the umpire whether your bat is in line with one of the stumps. The umpire will then direct you until you are in the right position. This ensures that you stand in the same place and hold it for the rest of your game.

16. Play the Ball Straight

If you are looking for the best batting tips for cricket then this is one thing that you need to remember. Most players tend to make the mistake of playing cross-batted shots at the wrong time. You must aim to play straight shots to progress in the game and take your shot wisely.

17. Choose the Right Bat

As much as skills and techniques are important, choosing the right equipment is also equally important. There is an array of cricket bats that is available out there. You might give a lot of time to upskilling your batting game but with the wrong bat, you still might not get the desired results. Choosing the right bat is of utmost importance and hence, you need to give good thought to the bat that you are using.

18. Find the right Technique for Yourself

Let’s be honest here – copying techniques from others won’t always work for you. The truth is that every person has a different technique and that is what works best for them. This might take some time and trial and error but finding the right technique for yourself is a must. So, pay a lot of attention to what works best for you and work on developing your style.

19. Follow-Through

As for the top cricket batting tips, follow-through is extremely important. You can upskill yourself in batting by working on your follow-through. Ensure that you follow through the bat for the whole swing even if you somehow miss the ball as this will help you to swing the ball as far as possible. This is a very important batting tip to remember.

20. Practice, Practice, and Lots of Practice

Without adequate practice, you can’t get anywhere. Especially when it comes to sports like cricket, lots of practice is your key to acing it. Practice will also help you perfect specific shots and you are completely ready for the actual game.

21. Focus on your Fitness

While this may not be directly related to batting, this is one of the best tips that we can give you. Cricket is a highly tiring game that requires a lot of stamina. And to always give your best, focusing on your overall fitness is extremely important.


Here, we shared the top 21 cricket batting tips with you. We hope that these tips help you in improving your game and make you a master at batting!

Do let us know which of these batting tips you like the best.

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