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Gypsy jewelry, also commonly known as ‘boho’ or ‘bohemian’ jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry styles of all time.

When we talk about something as versatile as jewelry, there are several trends that come and go. And among all those fleeting trends are some jewelry styles that are timeless and never fade. 

One such jewelry style is the ‘gypsy’ style. You are sure to find at least one piece of gypsy jewelry in every jewelry lover’s collection. As this type of jewelry is stylish, funky, and pretty versatile too, it is quite popular all over the world. 

But what exactly is gypsy or boho jewelry and what is it that makes it so special? Come along, as we tell you exactly that and a lot more that you need to know about this particular jewelry style.

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What is Gypsy Jewelry?

Also commonly referred to as the ‘boho’ or ‘bohemian’ style of jewelry, gypsy jewellery can be defined as the jewelry worn by the free-spirited ‘gypsy’ or ‘boho’ people. It is most commonly associated with artistic and intellectual people who prefer to live a nomadic life. However, the use of gypsy jewelry isn’t just limited to them anymore and this jewellery is now worn all across the world by all kinds of people. The gypsy jewellery is commonly paired with loose and flowy colorful clothes. 

This unique jewelry style comes from almost two centuries ago when it became highly popular in Europe. The jewelry is mostly associated with a relaxed, natural, and peaceful way of life. It reflects a free-spirited lifestyle, a relaxed and peaceful attitude, individualism, and a love for nature.

Gypsy jewelry is usually made using silver-colored metals that give off an antique vibe. And the gypsy jewelry is mostly vintage-ish silver with pops of color here and there. Turquoise blue-colored semi-precious stones are very commonly used for making this type of jewelry.

Whether it is finger rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, you will find all kinds of jewelry pieces in the gypsy style.

Gypsy jewelry basically tells a story of individualism and self-expression. It is more about a state of mind and then represented through the jewelry worn. It is a style that has developed through counterculture and out of the different styles that have been adapted and reinterpreted through the years.

The History of Gypsy Jewelry

This style has been one of the most ‘striking’ jewelry styles for the past two centuries. 

The start of this counterculture can be traced back to the years after the French Revolution. When the system of artistic patronage in Europe was on the verge of falling, a lot of artists took up a nomadic lifestyle and started living an inexpensive life. Since they didn’t have the money, they couldn’t afford the latest ‘on trend’ items.

This also led to them looking for alternatives in order to express their individuality. In turn, this led to all bounds and constraints on art being stripped and the artists felt freer to invent, create and wear whatever they wanted. So, it was essentially a lifestyle and thus, a jewelry style that was born out of necessity. What was a reaction by a poverty-stricken class actually grew into an entire counter-culture movement. 

These wandering artists were often compared to Gypsies due to the similarities between their lifestyle and fashion choices. So, the term ‘bohemian’ was used to refer to these local eastern European gypsies who led unusual and nomadic lives.

This is actually how the style of gypsy jewelry or bohemian jewelry was born. While this style has had its ups and downs, it has always remained a much-talked-about style over the years.

Especially in this millennial age, gypsy or boho jewelry is gaining a lot of popularity.

Types and Designs of Gypsy Jewelry

Necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, and earrings are the most popular jewelry items that can be found in the gypsy style. Now, let us look at some of the key aspects of this jewelry style.

  • Nature-inspired

Nature is a key theme when it comes to their lifestyle and so, the same applies to their jewelry as well. So, designs involving feathers, plants, animals, and flowers are quite common. 

Also, necklaces and earrings that have shells are pretty common too. Some of their jewelry pieces also feature real feathers while some pieces have feather-inspired designs. Gypsy jewelry designs are hugely inspired by nature and thus, their designs mostly revolve around this theme. 

  • Layering

When it comes to gypsy jewelry, layering can also be commonly seen. Layering necklaces, finger rings as well as bracelets are a common practice.

Necklaces of varying thicknesses and lengths are worn. The same goes for finger rings and bracelets, where multiple pieces of them are worn together.

  • Anklets

Anklets are also a popular gypsy jewellery piece. Not just anklets but jeweled barefoot sandals are quite commonly worn by the gypsies too. Especially at beachy or tropical locations, anklets are a widely popular accessory. 

The tinkling anklets are a peculiar part of gypsy jewelry.

  • Body Chains

Another popular jewelry item of the gypsies is the body chain. Delicate or chunky body chains give an ultimate look when paired with the right kind of clothes. 

This jewelry item was highly popularized by the gypsies or the bohos and today, body chains are quite common.

Finger Rings

The gypsy or boho-style finger rings rarely have precious stones in them. Instead, they use semi-precious gemstones that are easily accessible. When it comes to finger rings, raw gemstones are also commonly used.


Right from thin silver bracelets to the ones that are completely beaded, there is a lot of variety when it comes to boho or gypsy-style bracelets. It is a very common practice to layer bracelets and wear multiple at once.


Just like bracelets, gypsy jewelry necklaces are quite limitless too. They come in varying lengths and a host of different materials are used to make them like strings, leather, beads, gemstones, etc.


Gypsy or boho earrings are quite colorful. Beads, tassels, and semi-precious stones are commonly used to make these earrings. These earrings are mostly long, dangling, and have beautiful funky designs.

Most boho jewelry includes semi-precious stones and the ones most commonly used are amethyst, quartz, and labradorite. This jewelry also makes use of the most accessible natural materials such as strings, cords, base metals, and shells.

When it comes to the colors of gypsy jewelry, greens, browns, oranges, yellows are the most common ones. Their designs or motifs include geometric shapes, floral designs, motifs like sun and star, and sometimes spiritual motifs too.

How to Style Gypsy Jewelry

Now that you know what gypsy jewellery is, its history, and its common characteristics, let us look at how it can be styled.

  1. Layering Necklaces

If you want to try out a jewelry style that is very ‘gypsy’ then layering necklaces is one way of doing it. Wear 2 to 3 necklaces at once that are all of the different lengths.

You can start with a choker or a very small necklace and then gradually keep increasing their lengths. You can even wear necklaces that are of a similar type of color for a more balanced look. Even simple pendant necklaces will work wonderfully for this look.

Layer your necklaces with flowy dresses and the look would be even better if you wear a white flowy, beach-style dress.

  1. Fringed necklaces

When we talk about gypsy jewelry, fringed necklaces are way high up on the list. Fringed necklaces go well with all kinds of outfits irrespective of whether it is a casual or a dressy one.

Usually, the fringes are made from hanging silver or golden strips or even just simple threads, it totally depends on the style of the necklace. The necklace also may or may not be accompanied by a pendant.

These necklaces go well with tops as well as with dresses.

  1. Go for a statement necklace

Adding a statement gypsy or boho-style necklace to your outfit will complete your entire look. Adding just one statement necklace will transform your look like nothing else.

Moreover, statement necklaces go well with all kinds of outfits whether it is a dress, a top, a winter outfit, or anything else. You just need to make sure that you choose the right piece.

Choosing the right gypsy jewelry necklace will give you the perfect gypsy or boho vibes.

  1. Wear multiple rings for a modern look

Another way to achieve the right ‘gypsy’ look is by accessorizing your fingers with multiple rings. Wear rings that are of varying sizes and you can even wear two rings on one finger.

If you go for a fitted ring for your ring and index fingers, go for a mid-ring or knuckle ring for your middle finger. You can also go for rings of varying thicknesses for a more fun look. You can either go for delicate rings or the heavier ones or even a combination of both.

  1. Wear feather accessories

Feather accessories are also very common when we talk about gypsy jewelry. If you want a more free-spirited look, go for them.

No matter what accessory you go for, feathers can always help you achieve the perfect gypsy or boho look. One of the best options here would be to go for a pair of big feathered colorful earrings. These are best paired with floral dresses, simple tops, or even Indian Kurtis. 

For a more vintage-inspired look, you can go for feathered jewelry in silver or golden colors. There’s a host of it that you can find- right from necklaces to bracelets, there is a lot of variety.

  1. Tassel Earrings

If you wish to add just one element of boho to your look but still wish to keep it subtle then tassel earrings are the best choice.

They are the best option if you don’t want your look to be overly gypsy. Again, these earrings pair amazingly well with casual and dressy outfits alike. Also, you can find tassel earrings in almost every color, so that you can match them with your outfit’s color.

Not just that but these earrings are also suitable for every kind of occasion. 

  1. Coin pendant necklaces

If a casual look is what you are going for then a coin necklace is the perfect fit for it. These necklaces aren’t just very fun to wear but also look very fun. 

A delicate coin necklace would give the perfect look to your outfit and make it look very feminine. 

  1. Body chains for a unique look

When we talk about gypsy jewelry, body chains cannot be left behind. It is a very original gypsy or boho look and hence, if you wish to achieve a unique gypsy look, a body chain is your answer.

These chains will make your look stand out and are perfect for beachy or tropical locations. There is a host of variety in body chains and hence, you will have a lot to choose from.

Where to buy Gypsy Jewelry?

Since gypsy jewelry is so immensely popular, it is not difficult to find. You can find it not just in jewelry shops but also on several websites that sell it online. You can find it on websites that sell all kinds of jewelry and also on websites that specialize only in gypsy or boho jewelry.

If you wish to take a look at a wide variety of gypsy-style jewelry, then buying it online would be your best option.


Here, we told you everything about gypsy jewelry- right from what it is, its history to tips on styling it. We hope that you found this information on gypsy/ boho jewelry interesting. 

It is a beautiful style that has been in fashion for years and years now. No matter where you go in the world, you are sure to spot people wearing this gorgeous and unique style of jewelry.

So, if you haven’t already, it is time that you get your hands on a beautiful piece of gypsy jewelry to add to your collection.

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