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FAQs on Buying Home Furnishing & Home Decor Online

1. Which products can be called home furnishing products?

Home furnishing products can be categorized as

• Carpets and Rugs
• Curtains
• Cushions and cushion covers
• Bedding and linen
• Diwan sets
• Towel sets, etc.

2. What are the different types of home decor that I can use to decorate my house?

There are so many home decor items that you can use to beautify your house. You can perk up your interior by putting up colorful wall hangings or hanging rugs on your walls. Add a royal touch to your floors with carpets/ rugs contrasting your walls. Other items include wall stickers, wall and other shelves, decorative items like trays and small sculptures, wall frames, indoor plants etc.

3. Is it safe to buy home furnishing online?

Yes, it is quite safe. But there are a few points that you must keep in mind before buying home furnishing online. Make sure that the website you want to make a purchase from is reliable. A lot of websites dupe customers by selling them substandard quality products. So, first, take a good look at the website. Look at their products carefully. Read reviews by other customers. If you have any questions, message/ email the seller. Only when you don’t have any doubts, make a purchase.

4. Where can I buy home decor items online?

You can buy home decoration items online on Kashmirica. If you love handicrafts, look no further than Kashmirica. We have quite a range of home furnishing products that can amp up your living spaces. We have beautiful Kasmiri rugs and carpets, wall hangings and a lot more. We handcraft each of our products with utmost care and precision so that we can provide our patrons with only the best. All of our products are manufactured right here in Kashmir, so you can be sure of our authenticity.

5. What is so special about Kashmiri home decor items?

Kashmir has a rich history of art and culture. And the traditional artisans here in Kashmir have been practicing the art for years and years now. Handicraft is an integral part of Kashmir and the art making gets passed on from one generation to another. As a result, the Kashmiri artisans are extremely skilled in their work.
Kashmiri handicrafts are very popular and loved by the whole world. No Kashmiri product ever fails to impress its purchaser.

6. Why should I buy home decor items online from Kashmirica?

If you are looking for genuine handcrafted items that won’t just perk up your living space but also fetch compliments from many, then Kashmirica is your destination. We have a range of home furnishing items to cater to all kinds of your needs. We, at Kashmirica, have pledged to make the finest Kashmiri products available to our patrons and at honest prices. We aren’t just helping people around the world get their beloved Kashmiri handicrafts delivered at their doorsteps but we are also supporting and helping out the local artisans keep their art alive. Right from the raw materials to the final product, the quality and genuinity are always assured with us. Our products are also very unique and hard to find elsewhere. We are sure that once you shop from us, you’ll want to shop for more.

7. How is Kashmirica helping local artisans by selling home furnishing online?

The world has rapidly evolved owing to the super fast growth in technology. These days, you can find and buy almost everything online. Even though most stuff can be bought online, we noticed that there weren’t enough genuine Kashmiri products being sold on the internet. Being illiterate, the amazingly skilled artisans of Kashmir were somehow lagging behind in being able to sell their products to the world. Hence, we came up with Kashmirica and decided to help out these supremely talented and hardworking craftsmen by selling their home decorating items online. No matter where you are situated in the world, you can buy our home decor and home furnishing online.

8. How can I style Kashmirica’s home decor and home furnishing products?

After you buy our home decor items online, there are multiple ways you can style them. Our products come in a wide range and variety. Our wall hangings will make a perfect addition to any room of your whose; whether it be your bedroom or study. If you have a dark wall, choose a light-colored hanging and vice versa. You can put our beautiful rugs and give your bedroom/ living room or any other room a touch of royalty and class. You can place the rugs underneath the couch/ coffee table/ bed or just lay it any place that it fits perfectly.

9. How can I make the right choice when buying home decoration items online?

When you decide to buy home decor or home decoration items online, it can be difficult to choose which piece of home furnishing to buy. Here are a few points that you can keep in mind while buying home furnishing online:
• Take into consideration the overall aesthetic of your room and then decide.
• Take into consideration the color scheme of your house/ room. Colors that contrast your walls go pretty well for home decor. Hence, if you have a darker theme then go for a lighter shade and vice versa.
• Go for that piece of home decor that calls to you the most. Chances are that it’ll end up looking great in your room.
• Try to visualize how that particular home furnishing item will look when it is put up. If the product feels right then buy it.

10. If I buy home decor items online from Kashmirica, how long will they last?

Every product that you buy from us comes with the Kashmirica guarantee. Whether it is home decoration items online or anything else, all of our products are checked for quality. We only use the highest quality raw products and only sell supreme quality products. If used properly with care, our products will end up becoming a lasting legacy for you and your family. So, don’t think twice and buy home decor items online from Kashmirica.

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