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FAQs on Buying Paper Mache Online

  • What is paper mache?

Paper mache or papier mache is a craft technique that is used to make beautiful items such as decor pieces, sculptures, boxes, coasters etc. The name ‘papier mache’ is French. Literally translated, it means ‘pulped paper’ or ‘mashed paper’ in English. It is an ancient art and various countries across the world use this to make different items. This art originated from China and was brought in Jammu & Kashmir in India in the 14th century by a Muslim saint from Persia.

  • What is used to make papier mache or paper machet crafts? How is it made?

Paper mache is made using pieces of paper and adhesives like glue or paste. The paper is first torn into several small pieces. Then, some sort of adhesive like a paste or some glue is added to it. This mixture that is obtained is then smoothed over any surface; depending upon what is to be made. It is then dried for several hours and then painted.

As for the Kashmiri papier mache art- FIrst, the base of the craft is made by a set of artists called ‘sakhtasaz’. Next, these structures are dolled up with drawing, painting and polishing on it. A set of artists called the ‘naqashi’ do this work.

  • What are some popular paper machet crafts?

Some popular items made from paper mache include bowls, trays, coasters, vases, various decor items, storage boxes, lanterns, masks, large sculptures etc. Some artists even make freehand objects with this.

  • Where can I buy papier mache items?

Papier mache is not a very common art and hence, its items are not very easy to find. You can’t commonly find them in every store. You can find them in handicraft stores. But the good thing is that now you can buy various paper mache items online, making your search for these products hassle-free.

  • Where should I buy paper mache crafts online?

If you are looking for fine papier mache products then Kashmirica is your one stop destination to buy them. We have quite a range of paper mache products and there is something for everyone. Perk up any part of your living spaces with these elegant pieces of art.

  • Why should I buy papier mache from Kashmirica?

Papier mache has been an integral part of Kashmir’s cultural lineage for centuries and centuries now. And we at Kashmirica have vowed to sell exclusive Kashmiri goods to the rest of the world without any hassle. Our artisans making paper mache have such expertise that you will fall in love with their delicately beautiful paper mache creations. Having said that, authenticity is always our first priority. We make use of only high quality raw materials and as a result of which, our final papier mache products are of supreme quality too.

  • Are papier mache products durable and sturdy considering they are made from paper?

Yes, they are very sturdy and durable despite the fact that they are made from paper. Paper mache products are made with such finesse that you can hardly tell that they’ve been made using paper.

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