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FAQs on Buying Muslim Prayer Rugs Online

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1. What is a prayer rug?

A prayer rug or a prayer mat is a rectangular piece that is made out of fabric. It is used by Muslims to sit on while worshipping or praying. The idea behind it is to cover the ground and pray on a clean surface.

2. Which fabric is used for making prayer rugs?

Various fabrics can be used for making a Muslim prayer rug. A sheep’s wool is the most commonly used material. But, wool isn’t the only material used. Other materials such as cotton and silk are also often used.

3. Is it reliable to buy prayer rugs online?

Yes, it is completely reliable as so many websites have now started selling them online. But you need to know that not every website can be trusted. Since you are investing money in a product that you want to last for a long time, the website you buy from must be reliable. Before buying, also check out the other products that the website is selling and take a good look at the pictures. If everything seems genuine then only buy.

4. Where can I buy a Muslim prayer rug online?

If you are looking for a high quality prayer mat that isn’t just durable but also looks great then Kashmirica is your destination. We sell only superior quality prayer rugs that you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Why should I buy a prayer rug online from Kashmirica?

Our patrons love our products! What makes us stand out is the fact that we make use of only high grade raw materials . We personally ensure the quality right from the raw materials to every step of the way till the final product is manufactured. Our quality is uncompromised and our products are always 100% authentic and original.

Kashmirica aims to give its patrons only the best. We have pledged to make unique Kashmiri products easily available to the world. We aren’t just helping people across the globe get access to their favourite Kashmiri goods without any hassle but we are also helping out the local artisans at the same time. These extraordinarily skilled artisans in Kashmir often don’t get justice for their beautifully handcrafted products. This is due to them not being able to market their products on a global level themselves. And Kashmirica strives to solve just this issue.

6. What are Kashmirica’s prayer rugs made out of?

We make our prayer rug/ prayer mat out of fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, velvet or even pashmina.

7. What makes Kashmirica’s Muslim prayer rug so special?

We take immense pride in the fact that all of our products are completely handmade including our prayer rugs. In a time where the art of handweaving is on the verge of dying, we are proud that we are doing our best to keep this art and hence, an integral part of our culture and heritage alive. And nothing screams ‘love’ more than a product that has been made using hands. We add lots of affection in every product we make to make our customers feel special.

8. How should I wash my prayer mat?

It is simple to wash a prayer rug. Whenever you buy a Muslim prayer rug, it will come with an instruction manual that will clearly state the washing instructions. It is best to follow the instructions for longer durability. If your prayer mat is made out of fabrics like silk, then you will have to get it dry cleaned. For prayer rugs that can be hand-washed, follow the instructions below.

• First, test out a soap cleanser on a small area of the rug. This is to ensure that the cleaner doesn’t leave the prayer rug damaged and works well for it.
• Take a bucket full of cool water and submerge the Muslim prayer rug in it.
• Add a bit of soap cleanser to it.
• Move the rug very gently in the water.
• Let this sit in water for at least 30 minutes.
• Take the rug out and cleanse it well under cold water again.
• Squeeze out the excess water very gently.
• As the last step, let the prayer mat dry under the sun for several hours.

9. How can I make my prayer rugs last for a very long time?

For this, you need to handle your prayer rug with utmost care. Don’t let it get any stains. However, if you do get a stain on it, make sure to clean it immediately. Make sure that it is always clean. Wash your rug regularly but don’t overdo it. Best is to follow the instructions that come with your Muslim prayer rug.

10. If I buy a Muslim prayer rug from Kashmirica, will it get worn out soon?

No, it absolutely won’t wear out. All of our products including prayer rugs are of supreme quality. This ensures that all of our products last for a very, very long time. Even if you put just a little care in maintaining your prayer rug, it’ll end up becoming a beautiful heirloom piece for your family.

11. What are the different names of prayer rugs?

Prayer rugs are known by different names in different parts of the world. Different cultures of the world can have different names for the prayer rug. A Muslim prayer rug is typically called ‘Jayanamaz’ in India. While in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, the prayer mat is known as ‘Sajadah’.

12. When were prayer rugs invented?

The invention of a prayer rug is believed to date back to centuries ago; although it is exactly not known.

13. How can a Muslim prayer rug or a prayer mat be told apart?

Prayer rugs can easily be distinguished apart. A prayer rug has a ‘mihrab’ design on one of the ends. This mihrab design looks like an archway. This is the side that you should face while praying. Along with mihrab, there are also other designs on the prayer rug. The designs are different for different prayer rugs. This greatly depends on which part of the world the prayer mat or prayer rug was made.

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