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FAQs about Buying Carpets Online from Kashmirica

  • How long does a carpet last on an average?

It hugely depends upon the kind and quality of the carpet that you buy. A cheap, low quality carpet won’t last more than 2 to 3 years. Whereas, if you invest well in a high-quality carpet, it won’t wear out for a long time and will last at least 15 to 20 years.

  • Is it reliable to buy carpets online?

Yes, buying carpets online is completely reliable. But, you must keep a few factors in mind before making a purchase. Take a look at the overall website, all of their products, their price range as well as the product reviews. Make a purchase only after carefully considering all the factors. The internet era has made it extremely easy to buy goods online. However, not every website is genuine. Hence, to buy authentic products buy only from genuine websites.

  • How can I keep my carpet looking new always?

Whenever you buy carpet online or buy it from a store, it usually comes with an instruction manual that states the washing instructions. It is best to follow the instructions to keep your carpet looking new and fresh always. Some carpets are suitable to be washed by hand whereas some carpets need to be dry cleaned only. Whatever the method of cleaning them, make sure you deal with your carpets with utmost care for longer durability. If you get a stain on them by accident, clean it as soon as you can. Clean your carpet deeply at least once a year. Vacuum it well and do so regularly. These are some tips to help your carpets appear to be new and fresh for a long time.

  • Where can I buy carpets online in India?

You can buy authentic carpets online in India from Kashmirica. We, at Kashmirica, sell only highly quality products that are intricately made by expert craftsmen. This makes our products 100% genuine. All of our carpets are unique in their own way and have classic designs. You can use our carpets anywhere. Add a touch of magnificence to your space with Kashmirica’s carpets. The best part is that with the way these carpets are made, you can also use them as hanging rugs. Enjoy the beauty of gorgeous Kashmiri carpets for years and years with Kashmirica’s authentic carpets.

  • Why should I buy carpets online from Kashmirica?

Kashmirica has pledged to bring the finest of Kashmiri products to the global audience. This includes various products that can only exclusively be found in Kashmir. Meaning, we also sell authentic Kashmiri carpets online. Our carpets are crafted by skilled artisans who have been into the business since years now. All of our carpets are handmade to perfection. By buying products from Kashmirica, you don’t just buy a beautiful piece of heritage for yourself but you also support the traditional art and artists who toil hard to bring various products at your fingertips. With our products, the quality and authenticity are always ensured.

  • Where can I buy Kashmiri carpets online in India?

If you are looking for genuine Kashmiri carpets online, Kashmirica is the place. All of our carpets are made by hand right in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. All of our products are sourced only from the choicest of artisans. Each piece of carpet is carefully made with expert craftsmanship. These beautiful carpets can also be used as hanging rugs. We only sell the topmost quality Kashmiri  carpets. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this, does it?

  • How often should a carpet be vacuumed?

Whether you buy carpets online or from stores, they can be vacuumed once after you have bought them. This will help get rid of the short fibres present in them. After that, you can vacuum your carpet regularly about once a month to keep it clean and dust free.

  • Why are Kashmiri carpets online in India priced so high?

A Kashmiri carpet is a true work of excellent craftsmanship. These carpets aren’t common and hence can only be bought from specific places. The work done on a Kashmiri carpet is quite intricate and can take up to several days to craft just a single piece. Since every carpet is handmade, the amount of effort required is quite high. The craftsmen who make the carpets are experts and have been making them for years. And any piece that has been handcrafted to perfection of an art that has been passed on since generations and made with beautiful, classic designs using only high quality materials is sure to come at a price!

  • Are rugs and carpets the same or are they different?

A rug is something that only covers a small part of a room. Whereas, a carpet covers a much bigger area of a room. Rugs are much smaller as compared to carpets. However, sometimes, the terms ‘rug’ and ‘carpet’ are used interchangeably.

  • How to identify high quality rug/ carpet?

Telling a high quality rug from a cheap one can be a difficult task at first. However, a high quality rug proves its worth in the longer run and will end up becoming a prized possession for generations and generations to come. Since, these days, rugs can be found everywhere, it is very important to buy it from the right vendor. In fact, these days, it has become more feasible to buy carpets online rather than purchasing them from a shop. When you choose the right vendor, more than half of your task is done. Next comes choosing a carpet/ rug that works the best for you. A real rug will catch your eye while a cheap one won’t look that impressive.

  • Should the color of carpet be lighter or darker than the walls?

When you buy carpet online, it can be difficult to decide which color to choose. If you have lighter walls, darker carpets will complement it perfectly. Whereas, if you have dark walls, you can go for lighter colored carpets.

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