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FAQs about buying wall hangings online from Kashmirica

  • What do you call a wall hanging?

A wall hanging is nothing but a piece of decorative fabric (or any other material) that you can hang on your walls as a wall decor. You can hang it on walls to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms.

  • Are wall hangings and hanging rugs the same or are they different?

They are not different. It is one and the same thing. Wall hangings are often referred to as hanging rugs. The reason being that, in some cases, particular kinds of rugs can also be used as wall hangings. They work in two ways- either you can use them as rugs to lay on the floor or you can also use them as wall hangings. However, not all wall hangings can be rugs.

  • Where can I buy good quality wall decor online?

You can buy wall decor online from Kashmirica. Kashmirica aims to sell only high quality and authentic products that can exclusively be found in Kashmir. Having said that we sell woven wall hangings, woolen thread wall hangings and other handmade wall hangings online. We sell handmade wall hangings only. Our products are crafted by expert artisans who work hard to keep the traditional art alive. Thus, the quality as well as authenticity are always ensured with our products.

  • What is the use of a wall hanging?

Wall hangings don’t just beautify your walls but also add a graceful touch to the whole decor of your rooms. These can be hung anywhere; may it be your bedroom walls, your living room walls, your study or any other place. Transform your rooms from basic to what will make you seem like a pro interior designer with just the addition of this wall hanging craft.

  • How do I choose wall art to suit my room the best?

There are various ways you can choose your wall art; depending upon:

The color of your room/ wall: Depending upon the color of your entire room or a specific wall, choose a wall art that has a contrasting color to that of your walls. Contrasting colors work the best. You can also go for a shade lighter/ darker than that of your walls.

The style of your room: Take into consideration the overall style of your room and then decide accordingly. The style of your room can be categorized as- contemporary, vintage, simple etc.

The theme of the room: Another way of choosing wall art is by considering the theme of your room.

After deciding what kind of wall art you want, you can either buy a woolen thread wall hanging, woven wall hanging etc. There are various types that you can make a choice from.

  • Where can I buy handmade wall hangings?

If you are looking to buy handmade wall hangings, then Kashmirica is your destination. At Kashmirica, all of our wall hanging craft is 100% handmade by expert artisans. They work hard to create these beautiful pieces of decor. Each piece is intricately made and is unique in its own way. Add a touch of majesty and grace to your space with our beautifully handmade wall carpets hanging.

  • Can I put a wall hanging on a large wall?

Yes, of course you can. A wall hanging can be hung on any wall, irrespective of its size. In case of a large wall, you can choose a bigger wall hanging or you can also go for a few small ones.

  • Is buying wall decor online reliable?

You can choose from an array of products if you choose to buy online. And yes, it is 100% reliable. However, you must be careful about which website you buy it from. Take a look at the overall website and its products carefully. Only make a purchase if the website looks genuine. Ask the seller questions if you don’t understand something.

  • Why should I buy wall hangings from Kashmirica? What makes it so special?

You will find only unique wall hangings online on Kashmirica. The kind of wall decor that we sell is rare to find elsewhere. Our unique designs will make a statement for your house. Our wall hangings aren’t just elegant but also represent heritage and class. The versatile designs make our wall hanging a suitable fit for each and every type of room.

Also, when you buy something from Kashmirica, you also help the local craftsmen hugely. Above all, all of our products are super durable and will end up becoming a lasting legacy for generations to come.

  • Are wall hangings washable?

It depends on the type of material that they are made out of. If they are made from fabric, you can wash them. Most hangings are washable. When you buy them, make sure to ask your seller the washing instructions. The hangings sold by Kashmirica can either be hand-washed or dry cleaned.

  • How can I keep the hangings on my walls looking new for a long time?

Clean it frequently. You don’t need to wash it with water every time but you surely can dust it regularly. Either hand wash it or get it dry cleaned every once in a while. Make sure that you keep it away from chemicals or substances that can ruin it. Take good care that you do not get the hangings stained.

  • If I buy a hanging online from Kashmirica, will its color fade away post washing?

No, it won’t. We only use the best raw materials and hence our products are long lasting. You can wash the hangings without being afraid of the color fading away. But don’t overwash and do so only when needed.

  • How are Kashmirica’s wall decor hangings made?

We use a technique called chain-stitching. It is a method of stitching and embroidery in which a pattern that resembles a chain is formed. It is an ancient embroidery art. Everything is handmade and we don’t make the use of machines. All of our hangings are chain-stitched.

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