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FAQs on Buying Jammu & Kashmir Foods Online

  • What is special about Jammu and Kashmir food?

Jammu and Kashmir is known for its grand gastronomical affair and the food here is very flavorful and delectable. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, Kashmir food is a true treat for your tastebuds.

Along with their unique preparation style, what makes Kashmiri dishes so special is the highest quality raw ingredients and produce that go in for making them.

Kashmir is a major producer of some of the best high-quality ingredients in the country including spices and dry fruits. And the best part is that you can now buy Jammu and Kashmir food online and enjoy its superb quality and taste in your own recipes.

  • Where can I buy Kashmir food?

While you may find Kashmiri food in your local grocery store, you cannot always guarantee its authenticity as most of this food is termed ‘Kashmiri’ but is actually not.

So, to get the best, you can buy authentic Kashmiri food online from Kashmirica. As a brand based out of the valley of Kashmir itself, you can get the best organic produce delivered to you directly from Jammu & Kashmir!

All of our products are completely organic in nature. It means that the food isn’t just delicious but also has many health benefits (which you often cannot reap if it has been produced with the use of chemicals).

Moreover, we have a wide variety of Kashmiri food products that you can use in your everyday cooking and to make some special, exotic dishes as well. All in all, Kashmirica is your one stop shop for all your Jammu and Kashmir food needs.

  • What are some of the Kashmiri food products offered by Kashmirica?

Right from the staple dry fruits and spices to honey and teas to exotic items like gucchi mushrooms, we have it all.

You can buy authentic Kashmiri noon chai and kahwa tea from Kashmirica. Kashmir being a major producer of dry fruits and nuts like almonds, walnuts and apricots, you can find a wide variety of them on our website.

Kashmiri honey is also quite popular and you can enjoy the sweet, aromatic and distinct tasting nectar from the Himalayan flowers in a jar of delicious honey from Kashmirica.

When talking about Kashmir food, how can we not talk about spices and especially saffron? You can buy the highest quality of saffron ‘Mongra’ from Kashmirica. We also sell other superior quality spices like cardamom, cloves and shahi jeera.

You will also find traditional Kashmiri spice powders like Kashmiri Masala tikki, black pepper powder and Himlayan rock salt on our website.

If you are looking for some rare and exotic food from Kashmir, we also have pure Shilajit, Himalayan/ Kashmiri garlic and Gucchi/ morel mushrooms.

With our wide variety of products, you are spoilt for choice.

  • How can I use Jammu & Kashmir food?

  • Stay in the pink of health with our premium quality dry fruits and nuts.
  • Make mouthwatering dishes with our flavorsome spices.
  • Use our rajma to make delectable rajma curry Kashmiri style or in a recipe of your choice.
  • Swap your regular sweetener with honey and reap its amazing benefits.
  • Enjoy the taste of Kashmir in a cup of hot tea with our Noon chai and Kahwa.
  • Enhance the taste of various desserts and other savory recipes like biryani, soups and curries with our pure Saffron.
  • Give your taste buds a treat with the unique tasting gourmet Gucchi mushrooms.
  • Make your everyday food healthier with our Himalayan rock salt.
  • Give yourself a boost of health and stay away from diseases by taking our Shilajit and Kashmiri garlic.
  • Enjoy a delicious and healthy snack with our dried cranberries and dry fruits mix.
  • Is it actually safe and reliable to buy Kashmir food products online?

Yes, shopping for food products online has become completely safe and reliable these days. In fact, the reason most people have turned to online shopping for food these days is because of the quality of products and the variety that they can find at one place.

While your local grocery store may sell Kashmiri rajma or dry fruits, it can be difficult to know its genuineness. Moreover, it can also be difficult to find rare products like pure saffron and shilajit.

So, to make your search easier and get everything at one place, you can buy Jammu and Kashmir food online. However, make sure you check the authenticity of the website before you actually make a purchase from it.

  • Will my food products go bad soon if I buy them online?

No, they absolutely will not. Like other food that you’d normally buy, the products that you buy online will stay for long periods of time too (depending upon what you buy).

Moreover, we also give utmost attention to how we pack these products so that their freshness is retained and you only get what’s the best. You just need to store them properly to maintain their shelf life.

  • Why should I buy Kashmir food online from Kashmirica?

If you are looking for Kashmiri food products that aren’t just authentic but also organically grown/ produced and honestly priced all at the same time, Kashmirica is your place to buy them.

With a pledge to bring Kashmir’s exclusive products at the fingertips of the worldwide audience, you know you only get the best from us. So, you know that the food products that you’re looking for have actually been grown at the place that they’re a specialty of.

Moreover, with a purchase from Kashmirica, you don’t just buy something awesome for yourself but also lend a helping hand to the local Kashmiri farmers.

Make a purchase for Jammu and Kashmir food from Kashmirica once and we are sure that you will come back for more. Happy Shopping!

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