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Pashmina for Men

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FAQs on Buying Pashmina Shawl for Men Online

  • Which is the best shawl for men?

A lot of people believe that shawl is only for women. That is not true as a shawl is a man’s accessory too. One of the best men’s shawls is a Pashmina. A Pashmina is a very luxurious shawl that has a very soft feel, great warmth and a rich look to it. It is truly the best shawl for men.

  • Are the Pashminas for men too?

Yes, certainly. A Pashmina is a unisex shawl and can be worn by both women as well as men. Not just women but men around the world desire owning this men’s shawl too. Pashminas for men don’t just keep you warm but make for a great accessory too! All in all, a Pashmina is a great shawl for men.

  • Where can men’s pashmina be bought from?

The best place to buy Pashmina shawl for men is obviously Kashmir or from a genuine Kashmiri vendor. But since that’s not always a practical option, you can also buy it online now. There are a lot of online portals that sell pashmina shawls for men online.

  • Is it safe and reliable to buy a men’s pashmina scarf online?

Yes, it is completely safe and reliable provided that the website is authentic. Many websites sell Pashminas online these days but more often than not, they aren’t authentic. If you are investing in a Pashmina then you need to make sure that it is genuine. A real Pashmina is made from pure Pashmina wool and is handwoven.

  • Which is the best website to buy a men’s Pashmina scarf online?

If you want to buy Pashminas for men then the best website to shop from is Kashmirica. Kashmirica is a true Kashmir-based brand and hence the authenticity and quality of the product is always 100% guaranteed.

  • Why should I buy men’s pashmina online from Kashmirica?

Kashmirica has committed to making exclusive Kashmiri products including pashminas, available to the global audience with ease. We don’t make the use of machines and we only source our products from the best artisans. We quality check all of our products at every step of the way to make sure that you get only the best! Our artisans are so amazingly skilled that you will fall in love with their beautiful creations. By buying a men’s Pashmina from Kashmirica, you are also helping and supporting these local artisans.

  • How can a men’s shawl be styled?

There are various ways that a shawl for men can be styled. Here are a few ways:

  • You can wear it as a scarf by draping it around your neck and then layering with a jacket.
  • Tie it like a muffler around your neck.
  • Just let it hang loose around your neck, with the ends at the front.
  • Try out various knots with your men’s pashmina scarf.
  • How to wash a men’s pashmina scarf?

Here is how Pashminas for men need to be washed:

  • Dry cleaning is a good option. But, choose trusted dry cleaners for this.
  • Handle this men’s shawl very gently.
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