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Oudh is one of the finest Perfumes available in the markets today. Oudh Perfumes have a special status in the hearts of Perfume lovers. Oudh or Oud is one of the most expensive attars in the world today. Even as an ingredient, it is a lot desirable in any perfume.

Oudh Perfumes have an intoxicating scent, which is very potent. Oudh Attars have perfumed men and women from India, Middle-East, Arica for Centuries. In the modern-day, many perfume manufacturers are using oud as a special ingredient to make scintillating perfumes.

What is an Oudh/Oud?

Oudh/Oud is an oil that is derived from a tropical tree called Agar or Aquilaria. In common language, the wood it is derived from is called Agarwood. The family of agar trees has about 15 different species. That makes the scent derived from each of them different.

The tree is believed to have origins in the Asian Subcontinent. Specifically, it is found in Assam region of India. From Assam, the trees have spread out to Bangladesh and much of South East Asia.

A fascinating fact about the Agar tree is that, even upon burning its trunk or any wood chip, a great pleasing scent is obtained. This is why Oudh chips are used to scent religious places of worship. In many religions, Oudh perfume has taken place in religious festivities and occasions.

Buring of Oudh/Oud in the morning in the Middle East is a common sight. The Arabs love the aroma it produces and have made the burning and wearing of oudh a must-have morning ritual. People in China and Japan also are in love with Oudh Perfumes.

Although, it is difficult to believe, but Oudh is formed when the Agar tree gets infected by a parasite. The mold called Phialophora Parasitica sits on the agar tree and produces a magical effect leading to the formation of Oudh Perfume.

The parasite reacts strongly with the tree and produces a very dark and loud smelling resin. This is called Oudh/Oudh and sometimes also called as agarwood.

Why is Oud expensive? Oudh Price?

Oudh Perfumes do not get formed on all agarwood trees. It is estimated that only about 2% of the Agar Trees catch this parasite. The rarity of agarwood makes the price of oudh high. That’s not the only reason. Even as a standalone product, Agarwood with converting into Oudh Perfume is a very costly affair. Plus, since there is a rarity of these trees, and them being an endangered specie, oudh prices usually go sky high.

 But there are a lot of fake and cheap oudh perfumes in the market, which are actually chemicals with no relation to the agar tree. So, whenever you wish to buy Oudh, you should go for a genuine brand such as Kashmirica, which has been in the trade for decades. And remember, pure oudh attar always costs on the higher side.

Types of Oudh

Some of the finest varieties of Pure Oudh that Kashmirica sells are as follows:

  1. Oudh Maliki: This is the best form of Oudh available today. It has a strong smell and is a natural oil with some added spices.
  2. Cambodian Oudh: It is a blend of woody and natural fragrances that has its main ingredients derived from the Agarwood tree.
  3. White Oud: Having Oudh Perfume as its base fragrance, white oudh is a modern wonder. A unisex perfume that has some sweet aquatic smell.
  4. Oudh Qadeem al Hindi: Oudh Qadeem is a very famous perfume among the perfume connoisseur. Old Indian tradition of perfume making comes to play in manufacturing this oudh.
  5. Oudh al Afriki: An intense woody fragrance which is completely natural and is loved by both men and women.
  6. Dahn al Oudh: Dahn al Oudh is a pure form of oudh. A concentrated perfume that is of a particular love among the middle eastern people.
  7. Oudh Mukhallat: Oudh Mukhallat is a blended fragrance that is a modern tone of the old classic perfuming traditions. The price of this Oudh is pretty less as compared to others.
  8. Amber Wood: A wood-based perfume that takes its base notes from the Agarwood. It is a lovely oudh attar to own.

Some Description of Oudh Oil

Oudh oil is obtained after distillation of extracts from the agar tree. It can also be creted by melting the resin obtained from the agar tree. It is a skin friendly oil which can be directly used without any further processing. According to Forbes and other similar news publications, the cost of Oudh per pound can be around $5000.  Some retailers sell oudh at exorbitant rates ranging from $250 to 350$ per gram.
But at Kashmirica, we rely on honest pricing and our oudh ranges from $20 to $60 per 3ml. And in this, we only rely on selling the most original forms of the Oudh Attar as is in our company policy. Generally, if used well, this quantity can last up to 6 months.

As stated earlier, due to the rare nature of Oudh, and the cumbersome process of extracting it, it is one of the most expensive oils in the world. Oudh oil is high in price and as such cheap oud is never real oudh. The price of oudh is so high that it is often called ‘liquid gold’. This is similar to the case of organic saffron which is called red gold.

Best Oudh Forms?

Best Oudh that are available on Kashmirica is so because of their source of origin. The specific value of Oudh Attar depends on the source of the resin. Some species from the 15 broad species of agar wood tree have a more pleasing smell than others. The climate and the region where the tree grows is also a factor in determining the value of pure Oudh oils from which oudh attars and perfumes area made. If the process is completely natural, the oudh will be higher in price and if the infestation is artificial, the oud produces is slightly lesser in value.

How does Pure Oudh Smell?

Oud or Oudh is a very strong perfume that has mixed woody and balsamic notes. A complex scent that is known for its strong aroma. Dehn al Oud, or Dahn al Oud is the best form of Oudh available today. Pure Oudh has agar or oud as a base note and not as a middle or top note.

Being a base note is essential in an oudh perfume as middle and top notes do not make a significant difference in the smell. Also, the base note sticks to the skin as others evaporate. After applying an Oudh, you might catch the first whiff of real oudh after a lot of time. Sometimes, after hours.

Overall, you can rely on Kashmirica to sell authentic Oudhs, Attars, Pashminas, Salwar Kameez, Kaftans, Home Decor, Jewellery, Dry Fruits, Saffron, Honey and Shilajit.

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