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FAQs on Buying Kashmiri Sarees Online

1. What is a Kashmiri saree? How to identify it?

Authentic Kashmiri sarees are handcrafted in the valley of Kashmir. A Kashmiri saree will have its signature embroidery. Every Kashmiri saree is essentially an embroidery saree. Kashmiri sarees are embellished with beautiful, intricate embroidery which is peculiar to Kashmir such as aari work and tilla embroidery. These sarees mostly have floral designs. The amount of work done varies from one Kashmiri saree to another.

2. What material is used for making Kashmiri sarees?

There are various fabrics that can be used for making sarees here in Kashmir. Most common ones include pashmina sarees, Kashmiri silk sarees, crepe saree and georgette saree.

3. Where can I buy authentic Kashmiri silk sarees?

You can buy the most authentic Kashmiri silk sarees or pashmina sarees or Kashmiri embroidery sarees or crepe saree only from trusted Kashmiri vendors. But nowadays it has become easier to buy Kashmiri sarees as you can also buy them online.

4. Where can I buy the best Kashmiri sarees online?

If you are looking for the most authentic and high-quality sarees, then Kashmirica is your one-stop destination to buy them. We sell beautiful pashmina sarees, Kashmiri silk sarees, Kashmiri embroidery saree, crepe saree and georgette saree online. We have sarees for each type of fashion connoisseur.

5. Why should I buy Kashmiri saree online from Kashmirica?

Our brand ‘Kashmirica’ is based out of the beautiful state of Kashmir. Because of this, you can be assured that all of our products are very, very authentic as they are manufactured right where their origin is. Coming to our sarees, we have sarees in various fabrics like pashmina, silk, georgette and crepe. We use only 100% pure and original materials for making Kashmiri sarees. Each and every Kashmiri saree is then handwoven by extremely skilled artisans. Our quality is truly unmatched.

While there are many online portals that sell Kashmiri silk sarees as well as other sarees, they mostly make the use of machines for weaving. By selling only handwoven sarees, Kashmirica is also helping out the local weavers and keeping this traditional art of Kashmir alive. Along with hard work, we put in oodles of love and passion into each product we manufacture. This makes our customers love our products even more. You can buy our Kashmiri embroidery saree, Kashmiri silk sarees, crepe saree, pashmina sarees and georgette sarees online.

With Kashmirica, women all over the world can have the pleasure of owning authentic and beautiful Kashmiri sarees; that too hassle free!

6. Does Kashmirica sell Kashmiri georgette sarees online?

Yes, one of the many fabrics we use for our sarees is georgette. You can buy our Kashmiri georgette sarees online.

7. Are sarees sold by Kashmirica long lasting and durable?

Yes, of course, they are. One of the distinct features of handloom items is that they are very long lasting and durable. They are definitely worth their price. And our Kashmiri sarees will surely become prized possessions for you. In fact, our Kashmiri saree will also end up becoming a beautiful heirloom piece for you.

8. What are the most common colors in Kashmiri sarees?

A Kashmiri embroidery saree is made in a lot of colors including light to dark colors. Some of the most colors include white, beige, black, yellow, black and blue.

9. What is Kashmiri silk?

Silk is a very fine fibre that is obtained from silkworms. It is a natural fibre. In India, only about 5 states produce pure raw silk and one of them is Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmiri silk is nothing but silk that has been produced in this state. This silk is then used in making Kashmiri silk sarees and other items.

10. What are Pashmina sarees?

Pashmina is a super fine quality wool that is obtained from a particular species of mountain goat called the ‘Changthangi’. This wool is then woven to make Pashmina shawls, Pashmina sarees as well as other items. Pashmina is a luxury item and is super popular around the world for its warmth and softness. For centuries, it has also been a status symbol for the elite class. Pashmina sarees are desired by women all over the world for their beauty and comfort.

11. What is a Kashmiri embroidery saree?

One of the ancient arts of Kashmir includes the art of embroidery. Embroidery is synonymous to Kashmir. You will see that traditional Kashmiri products such as Pashmina shawls, Kashmiri silk sarees, Pashmina sarees, crepe sarees, Kashmiri pheran, rugs and other items are often adorned with the signature Kashmiri embroidery. Aari work and tilla embroidery are the most popular embroidery types in Kashmir. You will mostly see beautiful floral patterns and paisley patterns in vibrant colors on various traditional Kahmiri garments. A Kashmiri embroidery saree is nothing but a saree that has a beautiful, intricate embroidery adorned on it.

12. How should I maintain Kashmiri sarees?

Make sure that you handle them with care. Don’t machine wash your Kashmiri sarees. It is best if you can get them dry cleaned, especially the silk or pashmina sarees. For crepe saree or georgette saree, you can gently wash with hands. Don’t use harsh detergents. Store your pashmina sarees, Kashmiri silk sarees or other Kashmiri sarees with care. It is advised to store them in light muslin cloths. You can also store them in saree covers, but make sure that it is not made of plastic. If you get a stain on your saree, you can gently clean it with some cold water.

13. How to style Kashmiri sarees?

You can style Kashmiri embroidery saree in various ways. You can use different methods to drape it. Kashmiri sarees have their own grace and look elegant no matter how they are styled. For a complete look, you can pair your pashmina saree, Kashmiri silk sarees, embroidery saree or any Kashmiri saree for that matter with beautiful Kashmiri jewellery. It will amp up your look.

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