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Do you know that Kashmir produces less than 10% of saffron available in the Global Market? 

Looking for that fine-quality premium saffron from Kashmir?

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We bring to you the finest Pashmina with both classic and modern embroideries. We make sure that our products are truly labelled. Look for distinct descriptions seperating fine wool shawls and wraps from Pashmina. 

Our artisans ensure that the embroidery is done in the most intricate manner and the knots are strong yet precise. We are open to customizations and pride in offering custom made, unique and distinct shawls and wraps.

Having sent out our handmade pashminas to 5 continents, be sure that the purchase will keep you elated every time you look atthe gems we produce. 


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Our Customer Diaries 

Since childhood I was fascinated by a Kashmiri Dress. Not having visited Kashmir buying an authentic piece was like a dream. Thanks to Kashmirica I got what I wanted. Will surely buy again.



I was born in Kashmir, but did not grow up there. Buying a Kashmiri dress online from Kashmirica was an awesome experience, something that helped me connect back to my roots.



I had many friends from Kashmir in my college. They wore some stunning long coats called pherans. I wanted one. Stumbled upon Kashmirica to find the all desired Kashmiri dress online.



Why & What to Shop Online from Kashmirica?

Why should I buy Kashmiri dress online from Kashmirica?

We at Kashmirica, are honoured to serve you with exclusive high-quality traditional Kashmiri dress online. Our collection features hand-embroidered Kashmiri dress material, fine pashmina, stunning kaftans, ethnic kurtas & kurtis, chic salwar kameez, hand embroidered kashmiri sarees, stylish mufflers, and typical pathani khan dresses.  That’s not it, we also specialise in offereing exquisite handcrafted decor and bespoke jewelry online. We are here simply to allow you an online shopping experience par excellence.

What are the different styles of Kashmiri dresses that you sell online?

Like any other culture, Kashmir has it own clothing style. But there is something splendid about Kashmiri dresses. Perhaps only those who understnad its story and feel its nature will be able to understand. Kashmiri dress material and the craftssmenship that goes with it is super posh, and has a rich history. Kashmiri dresses such as pheran, pashmina, kaftan, poncho etc have jaw dropping styles and a subtle grace. Sometimes it seems that Kashmiri dress might be on the pattern of the clothing of Paradise. Such is the elegance. And the good news is that, we are here offering the best of kashmiri dresses online.

Kashmirica specialises in sourcing/ manufacturing and selling, only the finest of Kashmiri dress materials online. Our styles of Kashmiri dresses are designed by the best of artisans in the valley. Our designers work extensively with local artisans to craft pieces that are ultra-luxe. A luxury closet is incomplete without traditional dresses from Kashmir. World over, the Kashmiri Shawls, Sarees, Suits, Kurtis and Kaftans have been known for their grace, comfort and warmth. Lets take a sneak peak into some types of Kashmiri dresses sold online.

What is good about your jackets & coats?

Kashmiri traditional dresses such as the waistcoat, the worldwide fantasy – pheran, and embroidered jackets are from our specialties. If you live in cold zones, these are a must pick online shopping items from Kashmir. Pherans, Kashmiri jackets and coats have a huge demand among various styles of Kashmiri dresses online. You will get to love Kashmiri clothes once you use one.

What is Kashmirica's online guarantee?

With Kashmirica’s 3 layer guarantee about genuineness, uniqueness and honest pricing, all you need to do is to shop. We are here to ensure that you only receive the best kashmiri dress online. We will settle for nothing less. That’s our promise.

So, stay calm and get shopping kashmiri dresses online : )

Tell me about your Pashmina Shawls

Buying pashmina shawls online used to be a tough ask, and still is. With most retailers selling fake/cheap duplicates of the original threads, we have taken upon ourselves to sell only the premier original pieces. Pashmina is made up of delicate threads and is especialy known for its long life. From among the Kashmiri dress material, perhaps pashmina is the most famous. While selling pashmina and other forms of Kashmiri dress online, we ensure that we hoard only the most autentic and unique products in our e-Store.

Why should I buy a Saree online from Kashmirica?

Kashmiri Sarees whether made of chiffon or from pashmina are an ultra-luxe garment loved by celebrities, high powered women, and lovers of art globally. Although Sarees are not specific to Kashmir, but a pashmina saree has been the most sought Kashmiri dress online. That’s all due to the intricate handwork of highly artistic craftsmen

Tell me more about the Kurtis Kaftans & Suits that you sell online?

Whether it is only the Kashmiri dress material, or the intricately designed Kashmiri Kurtis, Kaftans and the popular Kashmiri Suits, you can now buy the types of Kashmiri dresses online from Kashmirica. The aari work of our designers is par excellence. We are very particular, especially with the base dress material. We take care in verifying the threads used and the aari work before selling any Kashmiri dress online. With aari work, we ensure both the design and motifs made by the aari are drawn precisely well.

Tell me more about Kashmirica offers?

We ensure to sell our products at the most reasonable prices. In all our sincere efforts we wish to offer the best kashmiri dress online at the lowest of prices. With agile supply chains we have made our prices to be competitive. In your pursuit to find Kashmiri dress online, you are just a click away to shop the most authentic Kashmiri dress online. And mind you, our prices will make your jaw drop. You will be able to buy luxurious kashmiri dresses online almost at factory prices!

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