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Product Description

If you are looking to buy bakhoor online, you are definitely at the right place. Whether or not you have used bakhoor before, the bakhoor from Kashmirica will take you by surprise with its amazing quality and incredible smell. But before we tell you why Kashmirica is the right place to buy bakhoor online, let us get to know this scent in more detail.

We, at Kashmirica, only sell the finest quality of bakhoor incense made from the superior most quality of raw ingredients. We are one of the few dealers selling authentic bukhoor.

What exactly is Bakhoor or Bukhoor?

It is a type of incense made from wood chips (could be oud, agarwood or aloeswood) that have been soaked in various fragrant perfume oils like resin, musk, flower oils etc. While in some countries it is known as Bakhoor, in others it is known as Bukhoor.

Burning these bakhoor wood chips in a traditional bakhoor burner or a charcoal burner spreads a beautiful aroma all around and purifies the air over, creating positive energy. Usually, a traditional burner called ‘Mabkhara’ is used for burning it. Burning bakhoor incense is a traditional practice in many cultures of the world, including the Arab culture.

Whether you want to fumigate it every day to create a pleasant atmosphere or use it on special occasions, bukhoor works excellently well for both. No matter what it is that you want to scent- your house, wardrobe or yourself or just want to have a moment of calm- the fragrance rich smoke from the burned bakhoor will do it all. This incense has been used since ancient times- times as old as the Sanskrit, Gospel and Muslim scriptures in order to create a pious atmosphere and a lot more. Throughout Islamic history, all the Prophets have been known to use this Bakhoor.

Throughout history, the use of bakhoor has been evident in several cultures and religions of the world whether it be Islam or Buddhism.

The art of making Bakhoor is a traditional one and every maker has his trade secrets of making bakhoor that distinguish it from the others.

What are the benefits of using Bakhoor incense?

  • The fragrance that this bakhoor perfume /scent gives out instantly calms down and relaxes the mind. Sitting down for a few minutes in an atmosphere lit with Bukhoor after a long and stressful day will work like the best therapy.


  • If you feel chaotic and are looking for some harmony and peace, light some Bukhoor and feel its magic work instantly. Even at times when you feel overwhelmed, this scent can help.


  • If you want to evoke your creative side and get some inspiration, burning some bakhoor can help you do that as well.


  • It also helps you to meditate better so you can light/ burn some of this incense while meditating for a better experience.


  • Lighting bukhoor is also very common in religious or pious ceremonies and it is believed to create a link to God.


  • It will bring about the feeling of positivity and remove all destructive or negative energies around.


  • Bakhoor is also known to possess aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, carminative as well as anti-asthmatic properties. Thus, it can help relieve asthma, epilepsy as well as some other minor ailments.

Using Bakoor or Bukhoor

Bakhoor needs a burner to be lit as it cannot be burned on its own. A charcoal burner is recommended to use for burning the bakhoor incense. Even an electric burner can also be used.

Burn a few little charcoal pieces till they glow on the Mabkhara or the charcoal-burner. Then place a few pieces of the wood chips or bakhoor on the glowing charcoal and let the air will with its smoke.

Similarly, you can also place the bakoor on the hot plate of an electric burner to enjoy its essence.

Bukhoor Price

The price of bukhoor will vary depending upon its quality and the place that you buy it from. However, about a 40 grams pack of bukhoor should cost you anywhere between INR 1500 and INR 3000.

Buy Bakhoor Online from Kashmirica- 100% Pure and Authentic

We, at Kashmirica, are known to sell the most exclusive and superior quality products from the valley of Kashmir.

We also specialize in selling the best quality oud as well as some other amazing fragrance oils and attars. This also makes our bakhoor truly the best in the market.

When we say that it is difficult to find pure bakhoor these days, it actually is. It is often adulterated by mixing with synthetic oils or other unnatural substances. However, at Kashmirica, we believe in giving our customers only the best and hence, only make the use of ethically sourced organic ingredients.

Buy bakhoor online from Kashmirica without a second thought for the most amazing experience ever.

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Bakhoor

  1. Ganesh Tripaathi

    Zabardast cheez hai bhai log..

  2. Ravi Chouhan

    The fragrance is so peaceful.

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