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Black Raisins


  • Plump Organic Black Raisins
  • Handpicked & Sundried
  • No Sugar or Preservatives Added
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Helps in Better Digestion
  • Rich in Vitamins, Iron that helps to avoid premature aging
  • Contains Fiber, Anti-Oxidants & Potassium
  • Nature’s Capsule for Good Health
  • 400 Grams Pack (Net)


(5 customer reviews)

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In stock

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Product Description

Black raisins are nothing but grapes that have been dried out. Commonly known as black kishmish or black kismis in India, they are extensively used in various recipes or eaten as they are. These dry fruits don’t just have a deliciously sweet taste but also come loaded with numerous health benefits.

Raisins come in a few varieties and these black ones are actually sun-dried, which gives them that dark color. These black raisins are also commonly known as ‘currants’. They are less sweeter as compared to the golden ones yet they are incredibly tasty.

If you want to buy black raisins online, Kashmirica is the right place. We will tell you why; but first, let us know a bit more about these nutritious dry fruits.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Information of Black Raisins

  • The black kishmish are rich in iron, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and also contain dietary fiber and protein.
  • Since they are rich in iron, black kismis are some of the best foods for improving haemoglobin in your body. Owing to this, eating them will also ensure that you are protected from anaemia.
  • Having a high antioxidant content, these raisins are extremely beneficial for the body. They help protect the cells from the damage caused by the free radicals; which is often the root cause for several diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disorders.
  • Raisins are also excellent for skin and hair health and eating them regularly will significantly improve skin and hair conditions.
  • Eating black raisins regularly will also ensure that your digestion is enhanced. If you suffer from digestive issues, add these to your diet.
  • Black kishmish are also known to reduce the bad cholesterol or the LDL in your body.
  • Also rich in potassium, eating these raisins proves helpful in lowering high blood pressure.
  • Eating black raisins regularly will keep your oral health in check.
  • Having a good amount of natural sugars, eating raisins will give you an instant energy boost.

How to use black kismis?

There are many ways you can add these dry fruits to your diet. You can eat them with your breakfast or also as snacks.

These dry fruits can also be added to oats, porridge or cereals. Many Indian as well as other dessert recipes are incomplete without the addition of a few raisins. Raisins are also often added to rice preparations.

Black Raisins Price

The black raisins price will vary greatly depending upon where you buy them from. The cheaper ones tend to be of cheap quality too. If you find raisins being sold at very low rates, they are usually loaded with artificial sugar and aren’t processed naturally. Hence, you must choose your sources wisely.

Why buy black kishmish from Kashmirica?

We believe that when it comes to your health, you must give your body only the best. Especially when it comes to food, the quality of it matters more than you might think.

With Kashmirica, the quality, authenticity and purity are always guaranteed. Our raisins are made only from organic grapes. They are then handpicked and sundried carefully. Our black raisins are 100% natural with no sugar or preservatives added.

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Black Raisins

  1. Rahil Salaam

    I like your black raisins over the ones that are on the market.

  2. Kesar

    I put them in water overnight and love the tate of these black raisns in the morning.

  3. Faisal Mushtaq

    Impressed with the packing.


    Juicy. Am buying again.

  5. Arvind Singh

    Found these to be sweet, but kind of sugarless. Impressed!

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