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[Professional] Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat


☑️ Finest Grade Kashmir Willow

☑️ Hard Pressed for better Ping / Stroke

☑️ Made on Order under the Guidance of a Veteran Cricketer

☑️ High-Grade handle for Better Shock Absorption

☑️ Extra Strong Toe

☑️ Weight between 1180 – 1250 Grams [Can add prefrence]

☑️ All Sizes Available



(7 customer reviews)

In stock

In stock

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Product Description

Why should you buy a Professional Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Online from Kashmirica?

Kashmir is known for producing high-quality cricket bats all across the globe. However, most of the bats produced in Kashmir are later branded by big brands and sold at expensive rates. Since at Kashmirica, it is our mission to bring the most exclusive products from Kashmir to the Global Cannossier, we thought it was important to help the global cricket lover to get access to Professional Quality Cricket Bats from Kashmir.

Not just that, most of the people associated with Kashmirica are crazy about the game of cricket, just as it is in the subcontinent. So, we partnered with the most traditional bat makers with the best legacy in the industry and a veteran cricket player from the valley to help us stock the finest of bats for our patrons. Not just that, we made sure that the bats remain affordable and high in quality.

Origin of Bat Making in Kashmir

Bat making in Kashmir started in the colonial era when the British had taken over most of Hindustan. Upon seeing a similarity in the weather conditions of Kashmir and England, some of the saplings of English Willow trees were transported via the sea route. Soon the saplings turned into trees and the texture of the wood obtained from those grown in Kashmir was almost identical to its British counterpart. Although Kashmir Willow was a bit heavier due to the higher temperatures of the valley, it was a lot more durable than the lighter English Willow. So, with this, 100s of artisans learned the craft of bat making, and an entire industry was initiated.

Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow

We have read and heard countless analyses of the Profesional Cricket Bats from Kashmir Willow and English Willow and different experts have different takes on it. Kashmir Willow Bats are a bit heavier than those made of English Willow, but at the same time are extremely durable. They are your best bet to play with inside nets for a professional cricketer. For a hobbyist cricketer, Kashmir Willow is great because it will last for many seasons and he can spend his spare money on other things.

Also, if data is to be believed, there is no evidence that English Willow bats are any better than Kashmir Willow bats. The lesser density of English Willow bats makes them softer and thus more prone to getting broken, especially if they are not knocked in properly.

Players who Played with Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Countless players have played with Kashmir Willow Cricket bats and this should not come as a surprise. Top international batsmen such as Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Vivian Richards, Yuvraj Singh are among the elite group of international batsmen who have used Kashmir Willow bats.

Price of Kashmir Willow Bats

Depending on the quality of the wood used and the labor incurred on making a Kashmir Willow bat, its price will vary. Generally speaking, a low-quality Kashmir Willow bat may cost somewhere between 800-1800 depending on the brand that sells it. At the same time, a fine quality professional cricket bat would range anywhere between 3000 – 6000. This when compared to the price of an English Willow bat is just peanuts. A decent quality English Willow bat will cost somewhere between 12000 – 25000.


(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for [Professional] Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  1. Rahul Khera

    Took a while to reach me but I got a good piece of willow. I’m happy with the quality at this price.

  2. Aftab Ahmed

    I like this cricket bat and it is the best you can get within this price range.

  3. Sanjay Singh

    Value for money. Good bat to play with.

  4. Talib Ahmed

    Middling the ball is easy on a mat wicket. This Kashmir willow bat is better than those I have used earlier.

  5. Irfan Hussain

    I got it for my son and he is happy with the performance.

  6. Parag Gupta

    My friend recommended your link to me and I bought at an inaugural discounted rate. Paid less, got more 😀

  7. Adnan

    I played with one of these bats against a bowling machine and it was a great experience. Looking forward to using them in my next match. I think, it is value for money, nevertheless.

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