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[Professional] Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Elevate Your Cricket Game with Our Gade A+ Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat!

🏏 Grade One Kashmir Willow

🏏 Hard Pressed for Better Ping & Durability

🏏 40-42mm Edges 

🏏 Perfectly Balanced

🏏 Handmade Under a Veteran Cricketer 

🏏 Finest Grade Singapore Handle

🏏 1200 Grams 

Unleash your cricketing potential with our Hangul Cricket Bat. Order now and experience the difference that quality makes in your game. It’s not just a bat; it’s your path to cricketing excellence.

Original price was: ₹4,990.00.Current price is: ₹3,990.00.

(34 customer reviews)

In stock

In stock

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Product Description

Why should you buy a Professional Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Online from Kashmirica?

Kashmir is known for producing high-quality cricket bats all across the globe. However, most of the bats produced in Kashmir are later branded by big brands and sold at expensive rates. Since at Kashmirica, it is our mission to bring the most exclusive products from Kashmir to the Global Cannossier, we thought it was important to help the global cricket lover to get access to Professional Quality Cricket Bats from Kashmir.

Not just that, most of the people associated with Kashmirica are crazy about the game of cricket, just as it is in the subcontinent. So, we partnered with the most traditional bat makers with the best legacy in the industry and a veteran cricket player from the valley to help us stock the finest of bats for our patrons. Not just that, we made sure that the bats remain affordable and high in quality.

Origin of Bat Making in Kashmir

Bat making in Kashmir started in the colonial era when the British had taken over most of Hindustan. Upon seeing a similarity in the weather conditions of Kashmir and England, some of the saplings of English Willow trees were transported via the sea route. Soon the saplings turned into trees and the texture of the wood obtained from those grown in Kashmir was almost identical to its British counterpart.

Although Kashmir Willow was a bit heavier due to the higher temperatures of the valley, it was a lot more durable than the lighter English Willow. So, with this, 100s of artisans learned the craft of bat making, and an entire industry was initiated.

Why buy Hangul Cricket Bats from Kashmirica?

Hangul cricket bats sold by Kashmirica are made from the finest quality Kashmir Willow, otherwise known as Grade 1 Kashmir Willow. Hangul Cricket Bats are lightweight and durable and have been hand-picked by a veteran cricket player.

Bats made for Kashmirica in the valley of Kashmir are a lot durable and last for several seasons without a lot of maintenance. All Hangul bats are hard-pressed and are ready to play with a very minimal amount of knocking required. Apart from that, anyone who requires a fully knocked bat can write to us at the time of ordering. However, the time taken to knock in a Kashmir Willow Cricket bat is around 7 days.

Our premium quality fine cricket bats weigh from 1200 – 1250 grams and as such are lightweight. Due to higher durability, these bats are perfect to develop new shots and can be extensively used in nets for long sessions.

The handle of these bats has a high degree of shock absorption which ensures that you concentrate on the great feel of hitting the cricket ball as hard as you want without getting a shock. Our Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats are available both in the long-handle and short-handle variations.

Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow

We have read and heard countless analyses of the Profesional Cricket Bats from Kashmir Willow and English Willow and different experts have different takes on it. Kashmir Willow Bats are a bit heavier than those made of English Willow, but at the same time are extremely durable. They are your best bet to play with inside nets for a professional cricketer. For a hobbyist cricketer, Kashmir Willow is great because it will last for many seasons and he can spend his spare money on other things.

Also, if data is to be believed, there is no evidence that English Willow bats are any better than Kashmir Willow bats. The lesser density of English Willow bats makes them softer and thus more prone to getting broken, especially if they are not knocked in properly.

Read More: Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow: Which Bat to Buy?

Did you Know a Cricket Bat FACT?

Kashmir Willow cricket bats and English Willow bats are made of the same type of tree ie Salix Alba Caerulea. Research suggests that this tree when grown in Kashmir has a different structural makeup than the tree grown in England due to the variance in moisture level and environmental conditions. And that leads to a variation in the quality of cricket bats based on what kind of wood a bat is made out of.

It is only the difference in marketing budgets of manufacturers of cricket bats that a ‘folklore’ has been seen as a fact today.

Players who Played with Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Countless players have played with Kashmir Willow Cricket bats and this should not come as a surprise. Top international batsmen such as Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Vivian Richards, and Yuvraj Singh are among the elite group of international batsmen who have used Kashmir Willow bats.

Price of Kashmir Willow Bats

Depending on the quality of the wood used and the labor incurred on making a Kashmir Willow bat, its price will vary. Generally speaking, a low-quality Kashmir Willow bat may cost somewhere between 800-1800 depending on the brand that sells it. At the same time, a fine quality professional cricket bat would range anywhere between 3000 – 6000. This when compared to the price of an English Willow bat is just peanuts. A decent quality English Willow bat will cost somewhere between 12000 – 25000.

Read More About Knocking a Cricket Bat: How to Knock In a Cricket Bat? – The Complete Guide

Why should you not buy an English Willow Cricket Bat?

Most of the English Willow cricket bats on the market are made in India and come from imported blanks. It’s not possible to tell which ones are genuine. Especially when it is known that Grade 1 Kashmir Willow does not look much different from a lower grade English willow bat.

So, buying an English willow cricket bat is a faith-based decision. You’re asking the brand to not inflate their supply by sourcing blank bats in India as well as England, when they could potentially do it at higher quantities for less cost. The risk of substitutes being used should be a major hurdle for younger crickets buying lower-quality bats at inflated prices.

(34 customer reviews)

34 reviews for [Professional] Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

  1. Suraj

    Lightweight with a good ping

  2. Rajshekar bangar

    I am using this bat since 6 months and found it very reliable and worthy.
    Stroke play is awesome.
    If manufActurer can provide different bat profiles that will help more for market expansion

  3. Santosh

    I’ve been playing with hangul bats for close to 3 years now and I find them great value for money.

  4. Mushtaq khan

    I played with this bat and it was great experience. I think, it is value for money.

  5. Areej

    Thank you Kashmirica! This bat was a birthday gift to my husband and he loved it. He told me that bats are generally not good to be purchased online but the balance of this bat is such that it will work for any batsman.

  6. Sher Singh

    It was a good experience buying a bat as I wanted from you. Many online sellers have duped me. It’s difficult to buy a bat online. But happy to recommend you because you gave me a good experience.

  7. Gurpreet Singh

    Got this to Canada and the bat was awesome. I am going to buy more for my mates here.

  8. Jayanth

    Cool bat. Swooshes clean.

  9. Raja sharma


  10. Raja s

    I very happy with the quality of bat

  11. Raja s

    I gifted it to my friend. He is really very happy with the performance. Amazing

  12. Zahidnabi

    I gifted it to MY friend and he is happy with the PERFORMANCE. Excellent bat

  13. Pradeep chopra

    Excellent ready to play bat, lightweight, well knocked. This Kashmir willow bat is better than English willow bat.

  14. Siraj Ali

    Very good ping and excellent balance

  15. Arsh

    Excellent ready to play bat, lightweight, well knocked. I played with hard ball and soft ball bat performance has been the same.

  16. Shiva V Kumar

    Good evening,

    Received the package today. Thank you.

    Just opened the package. The bat looks and feel amazing.
    Let me give (list down) you a honest review and first look feel.
    1. The outset willow look is amazing
    2. It has a awesome pickup
    3. Beautifully balanced
    4. Feels very light and comfortable for a wollow that weighs 1255 gms. Feels like a 1100-1130 gms bat.
    5. Ping is amazing and the ping sound is music to the ear.
    The qualities are before i take the weapon into the battle field. I am sure that this willow will out perform its expectations hand down on the cricket field. There is a blemish at the side of the eilliw but i dont think it will affect the outcome of shot making.

    Thank you once again for this outstanding piece of willow.

    I will take it to the ground n show it to my team mates and hopefully i can get couple orders.

    I have already got 1 confirmation for a light weight willow.

  17. Niyaz Ali

    I liked this bat a lot because it was lightweight and very clean. I’ve used many kashmir willow bats but I have not used anything of this sort. I think the bat is terrific.

    The balance of the bat is the thing that stands out about it and I also am happy with the ping it has. I’ve used it just twice, but I think the bat is very good for the price.

  18. Pradeep Yadav

    Itne me bahut zyada hai. I mean it’s a very cost effective bat, but is a truly professional one at the same time…

  19. Arjun

    The balance of the bat is good.

  20. Junaid

    This bat is Savage. Loved Playing with it. Will ask for more.

  21. Siraj

    Great, GREAT, great bat.

  22. Inam

    One of the best Kashmir Willow Bats that I have purchased.

  23. Parag

    Lovely bat from jannat

  24. Rahul Bohra

    I hit the ball with the lower end, most likely the toe area and still the ball went for a 6 over the point. I don’t know if it’s my batting skills or the bat. But I’ll recommend it.

  25. Santosh

    I loved this Kashmiri bat.

  26. Ratnesh Maurya

    This cricket bat is like BMW of bats. It looks as if it is Top grade english willow.

  27. Arjun Pandit

    Bahut khoob

  28. Rahul Khera

    Took a while to reach me but I got a good piece of willow. I’m happy with the quality at this price.

  29. Aftab Ahmed

    I like this cricket bat and it is the best you can get within this price range.

  30. Sanjay Singh

    Value for money. Good bat to play with.

  31. Talib Ahmed

    Middling the ball is easy on a mat wicket. This Kashmir willow bat is better than those I have used earlier.

  32. Irfan Hussain

    I got it for my son and he is happy with the performance.

  33. Parag Gupta

    My friend recommended your link to me and I bought at an inaugural discounted rate. Paid less, got more 😀

  34. Adnan

    I played with one of these bats against a bowling machine and it was a great experience. Looking forward to using them in my next match. I think, it is value for money, nevertheless.

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