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Original Kashmiri Saffron Online

Best Kashmiri Saffron in India aka the best Mongra you will ever lay your hands on. Promise! 

🌷 Handpicked Pure Mongra 

🌷 Strong & Pleasant Aroma

🌷 Excellent for Pregnant Women 

🌷 Numerous Medicinal Benefits

🌷 Packed When Ordered

🌷 A+ Grade Highest Grade Saffron 

Elevate your culinary delights and well-being – order now!

100% Guaranteed Original Organic Kashmiri Saffron

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(75 customer reviews)

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Product Description

Looking for original Kashmiri Saffron online? Well, finding authentic Saffron online in India is now easy with Kashmirica.

Kashmiri Saffron stands as one of the world's most prized spices. It is renowned for its unparalleled quality and distinct flavour, exclusively cultivated in the Pampore & Lethpore areas of the Kashmir Valley. Pure Saffron has an exquisite taste that cannot be mimicked by any other spice.

The Saffron we sell in India is renowned for its medicinal benefits. It is reputed to aid in pregnancy, build immunity and help with depression - often recommended by medical professionals. Catering to customers seeking the finest Saffron/Kesar from Kashmir, we offer 100% authentic premium-quality saffron meticulously packaged to ensure its freshness and purity.

Origin of Our Kashmiri Saffron 

Organic Kashmiri Saffron originates from the saffron fields of Pampore, Kashmir. Kashmirica serves as a means to help you buy Kashmiri Saffron online. Although costly, the saffron from Kashmir is known for its quality, aroma, and taste. Apart from price, it beats its Iranian and Afghani counterparts in every sense, hands down. This is why we export our saffron boxes to 4 continents of the world.

Kashmirica only sells high-quality Kashmiri Saffron/Kesar and we do not endorse the selling of Iranian Saffron or Afghani Saffron. That is major because the goodness of Kashmiri Saffron Online we sell is UNMATCHED.

Kashmiri Saffron /Kesar is thicker than its Iranian and Afghani counterparts. It is a lot more aromatic and has a much better taste.

Kashmiri Saffron Vs Iranian Saffron 

The original Saffron we sell not only boasts a richer floral aroma and flavor but also contains the highest concentration of volatile ketones, making it surpass even Iranian saffron in intensity due to its superior quality. So if you are looking for medicinal benefits, you must go with Kashmiri Saffron.

Likewise, Saffron is renowned for its pungent aroma, exquisite taste, and vibrant coloring properties, It is widely acclaimed as the epitome of saffron excellence. This exceptional variety stands unparalleled, offering a finer quality unmatched by any other saffron variant. Again, if aroma and taste are something you are aspiring to - wins hands-down.

Original Kesar Quality at Kashmirica 

Saffron is present online in many varieties but most of them are not pure. Saffron varieties are either adulterated or are varieties of saffron from Iran, and at times in a Kashmiri box. Even while most brands from Kashmir and elsewhere focus on growth and sell adulterated saffron, here at Kashmirica, we only sell the finest variety of saffron which is called Mongra (Newal).

Kashmirica takes all this pain to preserve the quality of our products over quick profits because we want to serve exclusive products from Kashmir to you. Organic Mongra we sell online is dark red, with no added chemicals, colours, or preservatives. This makes Kashmirica's Organic Saffron perfect to be used in any culinary preparation, and a great natural medicine that is great for your health.

Pure Kashmiri Kesar(Saffron) we supply is safe and beneficial for pregnant women and is apt for use as a medicinal herb, as is evident in the reviews we get. Head on to check our saffron reviews to know more.

Types of Saffron/Kesar

Saffron (केसर)is of 4 different types:

  • Mongra
  • Lacha
  • Zarda
  • Choora

Organic Mongra Saffron

Mongra is the finest quality of saffron that contains red stigmas, picked up by the hand. At Kashmirica, we only sell Mongra Saffron.

Organic Lacha Saffron

Lacha is the second-best variety of saffron which has some yellow stigmas mixed with the red ones.

Organic Zarda Saffron

Zarda is saffron with yellow hues. It is the 3rd best variety of saffron.

Organic Choora Saffron

Choora is the cheapest variety of saffron. It is almost like dust, or rather say it is the residue left after picking the finest variety of organic saffron.

کشمیری زعفران اعلیٰ معیار کا ہے اور اس کے بہت سے طبی فوائد ہیں۔ آپ کشمیریکا سے خالص کشمیری زعفران خرید سکتے ہیں، جو کہ زعفران آن لائن فروخت کرنے والا ایک تسلیم شدہ برانڈ ہے۔ سستے ایرانی زعفران اور افغانی زعفران کے پیچھے نہ پڑیں بلکہ کشمیریکا سے اصلی زعفران خریدیں۔

الزعفران الكشميري ذو جودة عالية وله الكثير من الفوائد الطبية. يمكنك شراء الزعفران الكشميري النقي من كشميركا ، وهي علامة تجارية معترف بها تبيع الزعفران عبر الإنترنت. لا تقع في شراء الزعفران الإيراني والزعفران الأفغاني الرخيص ، وبدلاً من ذلك قم بشراء الزعفران الأصلي من كشميركا.

(75 customer reviews)

75 reviews for Original Kashmiri Saffron Online

  1. Saniya Syed

    I got it shipped to me here in Canada within 2 weeks and this is much better than what is available to us here in LOcal markets.

  2. Dinesh

    Very Nice fragrance. Although the price is a bit more than others, but the quality is very high in my opinion. This saffron is surely original.

  3. Dilashad Khan

    It was a a good EXPERIENCE to buy saffron from Kashmirica. From customer Service to Delivery here in the USA, the process was seamless.

  4. Kheti kisani wala


  5. sushil singh

    saffron was good quality

  6. Amit Kumar verma

    I am fully satisfied with kashmirica products

  7. Shiva singh

    I am very happy with the quality of kesar.

  8. Mohammad yasir

    Awesome. Very good quality

  9. Nagasilpa

    Best-quality, great price, nicely packed and prompt delivery.

  10. Ahmad

    Very good quality. MADe a great paella using this saffron.

  11. Kritika jain

    I am buying kesar from them SINCE three years and the quality has always been consistent.

  12. Simran singh

    Amazing quality authentic organic mongra kesar from Kashmir.

  13. Shiv sinha

    Purely authentic saffron.

  14. Santosh Yadav

    Best saffron I’ve ever purchased

  15. Siraj Wahaj

    Umdah alaaaaa

  16. Varun gupta

    Really good saffron the aroma and the color is too good.

  17. Patrika

    I am really happy with the quality of this kesar.

  18. Satish Arya

    Awesome. Great support, and timely delivery.

  19. Ismat Ara

    Thank you for this great box of saffron, all the way from kashmir…

  20. SAMANTHA kishore

    Best quality saffron

  21. Ramprakash

    Kaafi accha kesar hai

  22. Divya Shetty

    I have used other brands from some portals like Amazon etc, but this saffron is a lot more pure.

  23. Samreen


  24. Suresh

    High quality kesar

  25. Chandani

    Awesome kesar…

  26. Rizwana sidiq

    When I opened the packet i was sure that the saffron I had bought must be original BECAUSE the smell was so powerful and when I tried to make kahwa from it the color, smell and taste were perfect. I am very impressed by you kashmirica. I’ll surely buy from you regularly from now on. As a native of kashmir living in Bangalore you are my go to place from now on.

  27. Sundus Kabir

    Your kashmiri saffron is top class

  28. Tamal Jain

    I am happy with the quality of the saffron. Based on its aroma and scent I do consider this to be of a very good quality.

  29. Arati Podder

    Quality SPEAKS. Wow! Go for it without any doubt.

  30. Suresh R.

    I am buying saffron from them since a year and the quality has always been consistent.

  31. Priya Sharma

    Ontime delivery with COD. I liked the spped with which they delivered.

  32. Alex

    Love from Canada. Buying from you was a great experience 🙂

  33. Raman Prasad

    My friend had gifted me this and I must say that it was extremely good

  34. Shehnaz

    Gives out a very good color. I put this in Biryani.

  35. Kamal Kaur

    Ye mere hisab se kaafi accha kesar hai.

  36. Shraddha

    Thanks to Kashmirica. Saffron is pure n best quality ever.

  37. Gulzar Khan

    The color of the Biryani I got after using this saffron from Kashmirica is unparalleded.

  38. Mehreen Sultana

    Awesome saffron.

  39. Sushma Singh

    Best Saffron I have taken.

  40. Garima

    My place for buying dry fruits is sorted forever after finding Kashmirica. This saffron can be smelt even with the box lid closed.


    Good quality authentic organic red saffran from Kashmir.

  42. Sami

    Perfect and most original saffron from Kashmir. I’ll buy again.

  43. Nikita Gupta

    The smell and color both were strong.

  44. Sakshi

    Mujhe ye saffron best laga.

  45. Saroj Sharma

    Well. I must say that this is just awesome. The aroma spreads just as soon as you open the parcel. I could not buy such Kashmiri Saffron anywhere in Toronto.

  46. Sharjeel

    This is so fragrant. Top class.

  47. Rajesh Kumar

    This Kashmiri Saffron is pure and aromatic.

  48. Anil

    Excellent quality saffron. Thank you for the quick delivery despite the pandemic!

  49. Rabiya Nisar

    It is very fragrant.

  50. Mehak Khan

    It is an awesome product 🙂

  51. Hemant Kothari

    We hv no words to express deepest thanks for the excellent quality dryfruit supplied here in mumbai with good packing. I strongly suggest Mumbaikars if u really need quality, buy from them.

  52. Arun

    I liked it.

  53. Rahul

    Very nice color. Smell is also very strong.

  54. Raman Narayanan

    I would recommend Kashmirica if I ever have to recommend anyone who wishes to buy saffron online. Although it does seem that the price of this saffron is high, but I have been using this saffron for the last 4 months and it has been adding a lot of flavor and scent to the biryanis I make.

  55. Amit V

    I liked the smell of this saffron.

  56. Nighat

    I purchased in bulk for my daughter’s marriage and this was the best zafran I had ever purchased. We were able to make very good kehwa using it.

  57. Jayasankar

    I have tried buying saffron from other websites too but this one is the best so far. I think it’s organic because it has a strong earthy smell and is slow in giving out color when put in water.

  58. Harpreet Singh

    I am not surprised for the quality. It had to be good, but hats off to you guys for keeping the word.

  59. Saroj Kumar

    I am really impressed by the product. Was worth buying. Thanks 🙂

  60. Satyanarayana

    Product was awesome..

  61. Sara Mallik

    The product is very good, just as you promised …

  62. Tejpal

    Quick Service. Saffron looks to be the best I have ever used.

  63. Junaid

    Top class quality. Same as i had expected… Thanks Kashmirica…

  64. DhilipKumar

    Very satisfying product… Quality is excellent!

  65. Danish Shaikh

    I did a lot of research online before opting for this. Have to say this is very authentic saffron with a very vibrant red colour. They also shipped with a very fast courier and I received it 4 days. Would highly recommend.

  66. Kirti Kaushal

    From past few years I have bought saffron from so many brands. But my Kashmiri friend told me about this. Ohhh man this one is greatest. Fyi I have got saffron from USA also. But this one ohhh my my. I ordered only 1 gm and I did 5 tests and I’m pretty sure this one is purest. Go for it guys!

  67. Julie Price

    I really loved your service. This Saffron helps me to prepare the delicious kahwa; something I longed for after having it once in Kashmir.

  68. priskila

    I ordered the saffron and shipped it to my family in Indonesia, they were very glad and impressed by the quality of the products. Despite of the pandemic issue that may cause some delay for the shipment, it arrived well

    • Nasreen Nazeer


  69. Haseeb

    Ordered 3 grams of saffron, it is authentic, cheap as compared to other vendors who sell original saffron, and on top of that, a Kashmiri product from a Kashmiri brand.

  70. Sunny

    Very impressed by the product.

  71. John Petter

    You guys delivered what you promised. Wonderful product that smells good. Awesome!

    Your saffron doesn’t leave color soon and there are no yellow shaded stigmas when I dipped it in warm milk. Neither did the stigma break into pieces when I rubbed them after soaking in water.
    I will buy it again and again.

  72. Urusa Geelani

    The saffron is pure and unadulterated and the quality speaks volumes of the product on offer.

  73. Lucky Singh

    Was a good experience buying saffron from Kashmirica. Will buy again soon. 🙂

  74. Priya Gupta

    The saffron I received was pretty good. I will surely reorder from you.

  75. Mukhtar Ahmed

    I am really impressed by the quality of the saffron kashmirica offers. Very delighted with the product.

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