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You must have landed here because you were looking to buy authentic saffron from Kashmir. Or, you might be here incidentally. In any case, we are here to give you a complete idea about what saffron is and why is it a great idea to buy saffron online from Kashmirica.

Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world. There have been tales told about saffron all across the world, but most of you would never have seen original saffron. Probably because its a rare commodity. 

Much different from the cheap threads sold online, saffron is an exotic spice that looks legendary to the naked eye. Its dull fragrance stimulates the brain instantaneously.       

Buy 100% Pure Organic Saffron from Kashmirica 

Honestly, when we say that it is rare to find original quality of saffron in the current day, it actually is. Majorly because the production is low and the demand is high. The resultant is that sellers push low quality saffron into the markets. But we at Kashmirica, source our saffron from right from the fields of Pampore in Kashmir to make sure that you get what you have opted for. 

Our saffron is 100% organic and has no edible color mixed. Besides that we only list Organic Mongra Saffron from Kashmir,  which is the highest quality saffron available in the world.

What is Saffron? 

Saffron is a spice that has both medicinal and vanity values. Sometimes called Zaffran, or Kesar, it grows in Kashmir, Spain and Iran. However, the quality of Kashmiri Saffron is far above its counterpart grown elsewhere. That’s why the price of saffron from Kashmir, Spain and Iran see a significant difference.  

While Saffron is the most recognized name of this red spice, people often ask, “what is kesar”. Nothing more, kesar is just another name given to saffron. Zaffron likewise is a name given to Saffron. 

Due to saffron’s price, it is often called ‘red gold’. The spice is known for its value and rich properties such as aroma, color, and taste.  

Frequently asked questions before buying saffron online: 

Whenever you plan to buy saffron online, you might have a few questions in mind. We have listed the most frequently asked questions about saffron/kesar that our team is asked.

  • I want to buy Saffron Online, from where should I buy it? 

The best place to buy saffron is Pampore in Kashmir. That’s where all the fields of Saffron are and that’s where all its traders live. Saying that when it comes to buying kesar online, you have to be very careful about the authenticity of what you are buying. We at Kashmirica sell only authentic saffron sourced right from the farms of Pampore. We make sure that all our outgoing consignments are authentic and of high quality. 

  • Why should I buy saffron online from Kashmirica? 

Kashmirica has taken a pledge of selling only authentic products which are exclusively found in Kashmir. We mention the quality and the exact description of all our products while listing them up on on the website. Our quality checks ensure that you only get the most authentic saffron from Kashmir. You can rest assured that you get the right quality product and not a substandard one.  

  • How can I check its authenticity, if I buy Kesar Online? 

You can do a water dissolution test to check the authenticity of Kesar. If after putting the strands of saffron in water, they start to give out color instantaneously, it’s not authentic. Authentic saffron takes time to spread its color. You can also check the aroma of saffron you have ordered. It must not be too harsh or too soft. You can buy kesar online from Kashmirica with assurance that you are going to receive the best form of kesar online. 

  • What does Saffron taste like?

Saffron tastes very subtle. Even its fragrance is light, although mesmerizing. It is very difficult to understand but you don’t directly sense its presence in a dish, but its absence will make the dish void of some splendid flavor. Sounds tricky, right? 

  • Why is Saffron priced so high?

People often ask, “why is saffron so expensive?” Since it grows only in a few countries of the world it automatically is a scarce spice to buy. Saffron is obtained from the petals of the saffron plant. It takes about 75000 blossoms to get 1 pound of saffron. Its use in medicines and its known anti-cancer properties make it an extremely valuable spice. 

  • What are the different types of Saffron? 

There are 4 different types of saffron from Kashmir that are sold online. The finest quality is of the Mongra saffron variety. It is a premium variety of saffron that only contains red stigmas that are completely handpicked.

Next in quality is lacha saffron. It has a lot of red strands and fewer yellow strands. Here, we must say that the more red it is, the better is the quality of saffron. All you need to be wary about is a color dye induced on low quality saffron to make it look one of higher quality.

Zarda is another variety of saffron that majorly has yellow stigmas and very few red ones. Choora is a residual form of saffron that consists of small stigmas that are usually red in color.                                                    

  • Which is the best quality of Saffron? 

Mongra is the best quality of saffron. At Kashmirica, we only sell the mongra form of saffron which has a beautiful aroma and an attractive red color. 

  • What are the uses of Saffron? 

Saffron has many medical and therapeutic qualities. Uses of Saffron are too many to list here. It is used as a spice in food, as a natural cosmetic, as a natural medicine in naturotherapy, and for worship related activities in many religions such as Hinduism.   

Saffron is used to cure cough, baldness, alzheimer’s disease, male infertility, postpartum depression, asthma, high blood pressure, athletic performance, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, menstrual discomfort, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). There is some evidence that saffron also is useful in age-related macular degeneration (AMD), improved sexual function in people taking antidepressants, increased blood sugar levels in people taking medications for schizophrenia, and premature ejaculation in men. 

  • How to use Saffron? 

Saffron can be used as a coloring agent in food or used to prepare kahwa which is a kind of tea cherished in Kashmir. It can also be put in warm milk and taken as such. Many confectioners use saffron on top of their sweets which gives a very enticing look to them. Bald people can directly apply saffron on their head with the help of some water to see some hair regrowth. 

  • How to use Saffron in milk? 

It is always advisable to warm milk before you put saffron in it. Some people prefer to boil the milk along with saffron, but we do not advise that. 

  • How to use saffron during pregnancy? 

It is best to consult your doctor about such an issue but we do not see a problem with using saffron along with milk. And you can always cherish the Kashmiri Saffron Khawa. 

  • How to use saffron for skin? 

Add saffron in water and some milk cream. Apply on your skin while using saffron to touch the skin directly and then covering it with milk creme.  

  • How to use saffron for fairness? 

Apply saffron directly on your skin along with any cosmetic creme. But make sure you put saffron directly on the skin along with some water. 

  • How to eat saffron?

Use it in food, sweets, or drink it with milk. Else you can prepare kahwa with it.  

  • Pure saffron is obtained from which part of the plant? 

Pure saffron comes from the flower of the saffron plant.

  • Where to buy saffron? 

Kashmirica is your destination to buy saffron online. You will not find a better quality of saffron in the markets anywhere else.

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