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FAQs about Buying Kashmiri & Ethnic Wear for Women

  • What is ethnic wear for women?

Ethnic wear for women has a lot of variety. It includes sarees, dress materials, kurtas and kurtis, gowns, lehengas and much more. When it comes to ethnic wear, women are truly spoilt for choice.

  • What are the newest trends in ethnic clothing currently?

There is so much modernization in the Indian traditional dress these days. You can wear various kurtas and kurtis with different types of bottoms. They can be styled with dhoti pants, palazzos, straight pants and even with denims. Another trend that you can follow is by buying a simple dress material and stitching it in a stylish way. Now you can also buy beautiful ethnic gowns online. There is so much that can be done with women ethnic wear. New trends are always incoming and what you can do with ethnic wear for women is truly limitless.

One of the trendiest of Indian ethnic wear is a Kashmiri suit. It has a charm and elegance like no other. Its intricate embroidery sets it apart from other traditional wear. You can also buy Kashmiri kaftans and kurtas and kurtis and style them in modern ways.

  • Is gown considered to be a traditional dress?

For a very long time, a gown used to be a dress mostly worn by the westerners. However, the times have now changed and gowns are now a huge part of the traditional Indian wardrobes. Ethnic gowns are very much in trend and are a favorite amongst the modern women. The best part is that now you can buy ethnic gowns online without any hassle.

  • Where can I buy best quality ethnic wear online?

A lot of websites sell ethnic wear online. But, if you are looking for ‘best quality’ then you can buy it online from Kashmirica. Kashmirica sells only high quality Indian traditional dress. You can buy chic ethnic gowns online and other women ethnic wear online from Kashmirica. The Indian wear sold by Kashmirica is evergreen and won’t ever lose its charm. So, make a purchase and look effortlessly stylish every time you step out wearing our ethnic garments.

  • What is the difference between ethnic wear and traditional wear?

These two terms are more or less the same and are often used interchangeably. However, the major difference is that ethnic refers to a group of people belonging to the same race, caste or cultural origin. While traditional refers to customs or practices that have been passed on from generations to generations.

  • Why should I buy ethnic wear online from Kashmirica?

There are many reasons why Kashmirica is your go to destination for shopping for ethnic wear for women. Kashmirica is a social impact brand and has vowed to-

  • Make Kashmiri products easily available to the world
  • Help and support the amazingly skilled local artisans working hard to make a living and to keep the traditional art alive

When you make a purchase from Kashmirica, you don’t just support the local craftsmen but you also buy for yourself a piece of heritage and lasting legacy. We also believe in customer satisfaction and hence, never ever compromise on the quality of our products. The quality of each and everything right from the raw materials to the final products is ensured by us.

Every piece of garment that we sell has been carefully crafted by experts and has a very precise embroidery. We use airy fabrics that make it suitable for the suits to be worn in the summer season too. The materials we use are super soft, making it ideal for you to wear the dress all day long without feeling any sort of discomfort.

Other than that, we have an array of women ethnic wear for the fashion connoisseur to choose from. We have a wide range of kaftans, kurtas and kurtis as well as dress materials. All of these reasons make Kashmirica your one stop destination for all your Indian traditional dress needs.

  • How can I keep my ethnic wear looking fresh and new for long?

To keep any kind of ethnic wear looking new and fresh for long, it’s best to follow the instructions that come with it. Most dresses require to be washed only by hand for longer durability. If your dress has heavy work on it, it is best to get it dry cleaned only as machine or hand wash can ruin it. Other than that, use only good quality detergents/ soaps if you hand wash your clothes. Also store your clothes properly so that they do not get affected by external conditions.

  • Will the colors of the Indian traditional dress that I buy from Kashmirica fade away?

Absolutely not! We only use the best of the best fabrics. Even after wearing our kurta/ kurti/ kaftan/ dresses multiple times and even after multiple washes, the colors won’t fade in the slightest. The fabric won’t lose its color at all and will keep looking bright for a long, long time.

  • Is it reliable to buy women ethnic wear online?

Online shopping has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you must be very careful about the website that you buy your ethnic wear from. A lot of websites sell dresses made from cheap quality fabrics than worn out with just one use. People often fall prey to the cheap prices and end up buying cheap quality products. Always make sure that you buy from authentic sources only. High-quality products definitely prove their worth in the longer run. For this purpose, carefully look at the website and the products being sold. Look at the pictures carefully. Contact the seller without hesitation if you have any doubts. And if everything looks genuine, go ahead and make a purchase.

But, looking on the brighter side, the quality and authenticity of products that you get from some websites is often unmatched and unique. You can also look for Pashmina Shawls, Shawls for Men, Wall Hangings, Rugs & Carpets, Attar & Perfumes, Traditional Jewellery and Saffron on our site.


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